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Google & Mattel Update The View-Master

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If you were ever a child before the digital era, you'll probably remember what a View-Master is. Before iPads and even video games, it was not just a source of entertainment but a very temporary journey into another world. After being lost in a sea of electronics, Mattel, along with Google, has updated the 75 year old toy for a new generation. The brand new View-Master still features the familiar red body and orange lever but instead of sticking in stationary slides to view "3D" images, users will insert their smartphones into the slot which pairs with the View-Master app and "experience reel" which allow you to experience 360-degree "photospheres" and go on educational "field trips". The settings will be interactive with historical footage, photos and behind the scenes videos you can access by clicking on objects and landmarks in the virtual world. Take a look below and revisit your childhood with the reimagined View-Master.