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Supreme x Wiffle Ball and Bat

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For those of us who grew up before the digital era, wiffle ball is a fond memory of the past. The playground sport is a variation of baseball played using a lightweight perforated plastic ball and a long, skinny plastic bat, which you will most likely remember as being yellow. Together with The Wiffle Ball Inc, iconic New York City-based streetwear brand Supreme has debuted their own rendition of the classic children's toy. Instead of the usual yellow, the bat has been treated with a coat of bright red with the recognizable Supreme logo stamped at the end. And what good would a limited edition bat be without a ball to match. The ball is kept simple, with the familiar perforations on top but adorned with a small logo in the middle. The Supreme x Wiffle Ball and Bat is introduced in conjunction with the recently revealed Supreme Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Take a trip down memory lane and stay tuned for purchasing information.