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Technical Backpacks Perfect For The Everyday

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For those of you keeping tabs on the current menswear scene, you'll probably have noticed a major return of the once forgotten backpack. After a sudden surge in popularity, they began appearing everywhere from runways in Paris down to chain stores across the country. More and more style-conscious guys are moving away from the typical bags to fashion forward and functional backpacks that are practical to carry every day. Not only do they generally hold more than the average briefcase but they're also ergonomically sound because they evenly distribute weight. Often made of tougher materials like Cordura or canvas, a sturdy backpack will last you a long time and be able to endure the wear and tear or your commute, hikes and other adventures. With a crowded market, it can be difficult to find one thats right for you but luckily, our friends over at Courvoisier have put together a comprehensive list of some of the best out right now. Head over there to take a look at Technical Backpacks Perfect For The Everyday.