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Konost - The World's First True Digital Rangefinder

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A startup called Konost has developed a simple yet powerful digital camera billed as "the world's first true digital rangefinder." With the Konost FF camera, the company aims to do away with the mirrors and prisms typically used in mechanical rangefinder cameras, replacing the age-old system with a digital rangefinder powered by a secondary image sensor. Both the optical viewfinder and LCD screen will offer a rangefinder-style focusing system, featuring a secondary image overlaid on the scene. The secondary image moves as the user focuses the lens, and focus is achieved for a point in the scene when the two images overlap. Along with the FF model with a full frame sensor, Konost will debut an AP model with an APS-C sensor, as well as a Junior model with a 1-inch sensor. The first two models boast aluminum alloy construction, RAW capture, a Leica M lens mount, and ISO from 100-6400, while the junior model has a plastic build and can only shoot JPEG, and featuring a fixed 35mm f/2 lens and auto ISO. Visit Konost's site for more info.