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Recognizing the Tech Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

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Verizon's Potential Of Us inspires people to give back to the communities they come from and encourages them to tap into their own potential and abilities to build upon and strengthen them. February is Black History Month and to celebrate it, Potential Of Us has highlighted outstanding achievements made by eight tech influencers and creators in the African American community. These tech veterans like Dan Miller, computer programmer and founder of Fresh Sessions, and Christen Rochon, who developed the website Divas and Dorks to merge fashion and technology, give back to the community and help build the future of their industries.

Also part of this month's coverage is the innovations of African American children and teens in science, technology, engineering and math, also called "STEM". Students from the Bronx Academy of Promise created a math app based on Greek mythology that won Verizon's Innovative App Challenge, which got them funding for STEM curriculum in their school. Head over to Potential Of Us to learn more.