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Christen Rochon - Queen of Divas and Dorks

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Since she was a young girl, Christen Rochon has had in interest in technology. After years of assembling and disassembling everything from radios to flashlights and even computers, she went on to working in advertising sales for 10 years. As she explored her interests, she realized that she had a love for fashion as much as she did for the tech world. When she realized that there were no websites that covered both of those topics, she decided to launch Divas and Dorks in September 2009, a site that embraces both technology and fashion. "I thought, if there was a site that had a little bit of both, that would cut my surfing time online in half. But I looked around and couldn’t find anything. There was no site that was focused on women of color and technology, or women of color who enjoy style and technology," she said. "Then I thought, 'I'm going to create it myself. Not really for anybody else, but just for me.'" Today, Divas and Dorks offers a space for style-conscious women who love to read about tech products without the fuss of heavy terminology. Through her ventures, Rochon was able to become involved with Digital Sorority, a digital marketing firm for multicultural bloggers of all ages, and Trending in Tech, which offers programs and classes on coding and technology for people of all ages and backgrounds. Head over to Verizon's Potential of Us to learn more and take a look below to hear Christen's story.