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Charles Hudson - Helping Mobile Startups Grow One Seed at a Time

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Throughout the month of February, Verizon's Potential of Us celebrated Black History Month by highlighting influential African Americans in the tech industry. One such influencer is Charles Hudson, a venture capitalist at SoftTechVC. As he finished out an internship during his senior year of college, Hudson was offered the opportunity to be a part of a new firm that would be opening. He seized it and was able to find plenty of success in the industry. He talked about how all great projects start with just an idea and about the love he has for technology because of its constantly changing and evolving nature. Aiming to bring more diversity to the tech world, Hudson has become involved with CODE2040, a program that helps get people of color and women in technology at the earliest stage, and Year Up, a national organization that helps young people get into entry-level careers in technology. Check out Charles' story below and head over to Potential of Us to learn more.