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HYT H3 Watch

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In just the span of a couple years we've been able to see the rapid and remarkable evolution of a young watch brand laser-focused at reshaping the future of the high-end watch market: HYT. Short for Hydro Mechanical Horologists, you may be immediately recall the brand's recent Skull Watch, with a look as menacing as its mechanics, or their first entry into the market, the H1, with a design that isn't afraid to show its inner workings, but the main attraction for 2015 has to bee the new H3. Limited to 25 pieces, this watch brings together titanium and platinum, linear liquid indicators for the time, and a rotating cubic linear hour scale. Set to be formally introduced at Baselworld 2015, the H3 will be hard to miss, especially with its 62mm wide by 41mm tall body that sits wide on the wrist. If you can get past the dazzling liquid system, you'll find a 170 hour power reserve and a hefty watch band to match. Learn more about the upcoming release and how it works in the video after the click, and look for more about this creative, yet expensive (we're talking 280,000 Swiss Francs) piece in the weeks to come.

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