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Aston Martin DBX Concept Revealed

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Lucky visitors to this year's Geneva Motor Show are getting a chance to lay their eyes on Aston Martin's latest entry into the world of luxury GT travel: the DBX Concept. Right off the top, innovation is overflowing out of this car, including an electronic, inboard-of-wheel engine powered by lithium sulfur cells, drive-by-wire electronic steering, driver and passenger heads-up displays, and kinetic energy recovery system-enabled ceramic brakes. Aesthetically, the DBX also shines with a Black Pearl Chromium finish that is complemented with the signature Aston martin radiator grille, swept back headlamps, and round fog lamps. Inside, the look is finished with four Nubuck leather-coated seats. According to CEO Andy Palmer, the DBX Concept "aims to challenge conventional thinking and explore the art of the possible." Aston Martin held up their end of the bargin, now we just need to figure out how we can possibly get one in our driveway.