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10 Great Apple Watch Accessories

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It's only been two days since the Apple Watch was officially unveiled but we're already seeing tons of accessories for the highly anticipated new product. With studies showing that Apple's first wearable will be absolutely crushing its competition and dominating the smartwatch market, it should come as no surprise that companies are rushing to join in on the madness. For those of you who are considering making the leap, this means plenty of strap options, charging docks and even travel cases for your coveted timepiece. If you're excited about the Apple Watch's release on April 24, take a look below to see some of the best accessories we've seen so far.


Monowear Interchangeable Watch Bands

One of the great things about the Apple Watch is the option to make it your own. Since it goes without saying that Apple's band options won't come cheap, Monowear has started a crowdfunding campaign to create a set of interchangeable bands in leather and metal for $80.


Griffin WatchStand

The Apple Watch is said to go hand in hand with the iPhone, so Griffin has created the WatchStand, an all-in-one charging station for the new timepiece. It will provide an angled charging platform for the watch and includes a base for displaying your phone. Look out for it this summer.


DODOcase Charging Stand

Though we showed you the DODOcase Charging Stand back in September, it remains one our favorite accessories for the Apple Watch. Made with reclaimed California Orchard Walnut and locally tanned leather, it's not only stunning but also practical and minimalistic, with a slot to hide the wire. You can pre-order it today for $70.


HEDock charging Station

If you're into a more modern look, the HEDock charging Station offers a simple design made with high quality aluminum, which perfectly compliments your Apple Watch, and urethane coating prevents, which will help prevent it from scratching. It will look great on your desk at home or work and is affordable at just $29.


Reserve Strap Battery Watch Band

The Reserve Strap Battery Watch Band is the Apple Watch's answer to the battery cases for the iPhone. Not only does it look really nice, but it also features a built-in backup battery that increases the battery life of your Apple Watch by up to 125 percent. That's more than an additional day of usage. Pre-order yours today.


Composure Charger Dock

The Composure Charger Dock we previewed last year might be one of the most gorgeous accessories for the Apple Watch yet. It's made with a handsome walnut top and a steel undercarriage to keep it from moving around on your desk along with a hidden internal wire track to keep it looking nice and clean.


Casetify Customizable Watch Band

People love to create their own iPhone cases with their personal images or drawings. Now you'll be able to do the same for your Apple Watch. Casetify lets you use photos from Facebook or Instagram so you can put pictures of your cats or selfies with your friends right onto your wrist. Pre-order now for shipments in June.


WaterField Time Travel Case

If you live an active lifestyle, you're bound to scuff up your watch every now and then. The Time Travel Case from WaterField offers a beautiful solution for keeping your Apple Watch safe and scratch-free. Leather or nylon pouches will keep your timepiece, along with your phone and earbuds, nice and cozy when you're on the go.


X-Doria Defense Edge

The X-Doria Defense Edge is a snap on case for your Apple Watch. It combines a durable machined aluminum exterior and a soft rubber lining to give your smartwatch proper protection from scratches and impacts. It comes in two colors for both the 38mm and 42mm models and will ship in April, just in time for the sought after watch's release.


Var CyClip

The CyClip is the world's very first handlebar adapter for the Apple Watch. The adapter, which is made from metal die-cast parts attaches to your moped, bike or motorcycle and gives you everything from turn by turn directions to trip computations. Just as Apple's new wearable aims to change the way we live, the CyClip will likely change the way we ride, as well.