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RHA T10i Stainless Steel Earphones

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The story of RHA's T10i stainless steel earphones in many ways is the story of the industry as a whole. In recent years, audiophiles have been reaping the benefits of an increased focus on quality and innovation in their accessories - especially earphones - as the market has matured. From just an accessory that came along with your mobile phone or music player, earphones have evolved to become smaller, more powerful, durable, and, ultimately, a more customizable part of your everyday life. For RHA, a company that has been designing and engineering audio gear for quite a while, the T10i represents perhaps their best offering yet. Not only are they noise-isolating and cool to look at, RHA introduces a new level of personalization, both with their patent-pending moldable hook to customize your fit and the ability to change out the tuners to control the frequency response to reference, treble, or bass. Plus, they throw in a remote, carrying case, nine different earbud tips, and a three year warranty all for $200. Where do we sign up?

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