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Black Ember Gen02 Backpack Collection

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Just like you need to be flexible to changing demands to your time, your gear needs to be ready for anything. One day you may be packing it in while others you'll have plenty of breathing room. Black Ember's new backpack collection, the Gen02, is made for exactly that; a new range of "modular urban backpacks" that are specifically designed to keep your gear safe in any climate. Although the brand first got their start in 2014 with a hand from Kickstarter, they've gone right to the top with carefully chosen materials, a good eye for aesthetics, and the ability to customize your backpack across 12 unique modular accessories. Each member of the second generation collection, which includes the Slate Pack, the TL Pack, and the performance-tuned NEORUK will be available soon and are currently available for pre-order. Learn more after the click and directly from the source at Black Ember.