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Aether Cone - Wireless Multi-Room Speaker System

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Founded by former Nokia, Apple, and Google employees, San Francisco's Aether has developed Cone, a "thinking" speaker that registers what you listen to and learns from your habits. The goal is that Cone will successfully pick up on your tastes so that it supplies the perfect soundtrack to your day as soon as you turn it on. The WiFi/Bluetooth speaker contains a 3-inch subwoofer and boasts eight hours of battery life, allowing for convenient portability. The controls are limited to an an/off switch, two volume buttons and a wide circular face, which acts as a dial -- turn it to the right and hear a new track, turn to the left and it repeats the song you were listening to. There's also voice command, activated by pressing a central button. Finally, you can sync multiple Cones for multi-room play, with set-up allowable through the Aether companion mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. Available in Black/Copper or White/Silver, the Aether Cone retails for $399 and can be purchased here.