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Honda S660

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First previewed back in 2013 in concept form at the Tokyo Auto Show, we now have the official launch of the Honda S660. What's not to love about this compact, nimble, and sporty mid-engine Honda? The bottom line is that it proves yet again that sportiness will never fall out of favor in the eyes of Honda designers, packing a 660cc turbocharged engine that gives it its name. Designed to be affordable and easily driven, it offers 63 hp with a rear-wheel drive chassis made of aluminum and steel, Honda's Agile Handling Assist, a drop back roof, and enough space for you and your friends to enjoy its dash-mounted display and integrated infotainment center complete with G-force meter. Initially aimed at Japanese markets, buyers in Europe are up next with their own version with a 1.0-liter turbo, according to reports. It's no Civic, but then again, not everyone wants one of those. via: AutoExpress