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Falcon F7 - America's Newest Muscle Car

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Falcon F7 - America's Newest Muscle Car - 0

First previewed back in 2012 as it was preparing for final production testing, the Falcon F7, Detroit's latest four-wheeled rocket, can now be yours. Taking on not only the domestic big dogs like Ford and GM, the Falcon F7 is targeted at the world's fastest and recognizable supercars and it has the power and looks to do it. A super lightweight monocoque chassis comprised of aluminum, carbon fiber, and Kevlar is wrapped with a unique and stunning body, which is motivated to hit 60mph in just 2.7 seconds thanks to its Lingenfelter-built twin turbo V8. The F7 ultimately taps out at just over 200mph, but the 1,100hp promises to bring you endless fun. Inside, a six-speed dual clutch transmission gives you control while Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, an in-dish iPad mini, and a removable targa roof round out the experience. See more looks after the jump because it just might be the only time you'll see it sitting still.

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