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Hare Jordan Teases the Air Jordan 30

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It's a big year for Hare Jordan, aka Bugs Bunny, and his partner in crime Michael Jordan. Bugs has not only worked with Jordan Brand on the impending launch of his namesake Air Jordan 1 Mid, but he's embarked on a press tour to discuss his enduring relationship with His Airness. In an interview with WUS (What's Up Sports) and Ahmad Rashad, the Looney Tunes star reveals he and MJ are tighter than a pair of "wet canvas kicks," and that Marvin the Martian was the culprit behind Michael's fabled "flu game." Last but not least, Ahmad and Bugs discuss the 2015 release of the Air Jordan 30. It's the sort of riveting television theater that Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd can only aspire to. Check it out below.