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Nike Mag Plutonium Case

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The highly coveted Nike Mags are considered to be somewhat of the holy grail of sneakers. First introduced in the classic film Back to the Future Part II, they stopped the world with their light-up panels and self-fastening laces. In 2011, the legendary Tinker Hatfield design was released as part of a charity auction, which ended up raising over $9 million. Now, you have another chance to own a piece of history with a very special display modeled after the carrying case that holds the plutonium to power the time machine. The bright yellow trunk even features a sweet pull-out function to proudly show off the sought after kicks. Additionally, the Mags are signed by Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers, the two people that made the retail version possible. Limited to just 40 units, the Nike Mag Plutonium Case is currently available now on eBay for the reasonable price of $32,500. Turn the page for a closer look.