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10 Sets of Headphones Worthy of Audiophiles

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The headphone market has been pretty crowded lately, with new models popping up left and right. With so many great options, we now have plenty more choices than the usual Beats by Dre (which still offers up a mean pair, don't get us wrong). But now, different styles can cater to different buyers, giving us much more unique listening experiences. If you love attending concerts, you can now buy headphones that emulate the deep, resounding bass of a live performance or grab a pair that delivers crisp and clear sounds that lets you to hear the artist take a breath after each line. For all of you music lovers with particular taste, we're with you. We know you take your sound seriously and that the treble needs to be just as clean as the bass. Head over to Courvoisier to check out 10 Sets of Headphones Worthy of Audiophiles. You won't be disappointed.