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Mophie Launches Space 2.0 and Space Battery Products

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Anything Moore's Law can get a hold of, it will, even if that means bending the rules for power and storage. Case in point: check out Mophie's new Space 2.0 and their line of compatible Space Battery products. Bad puns aside, Mophie is best known for breaking new ground last year with the release for a battery-expanding iPhone case with extra external storage called the Space Pack. Now, almost a year later and with more devices to cover, Mophie is unveiling Space 2.0, compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad mini, allowing you to pack at least double their battery life and up to 128GB of additional storage. Along the same lines, Mophie has also updated their Space app to make file management easier across platforms and a new Spacestation, a static battery and storage device. Smaller than a smartphone, the Spacestation can connect with multiple devices to share files, drag and drop, and recharge power all in one shot. All of these releases go on sale today so head to the Mophie homepage to learn more.