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Sneakers: The Complete App - Exclusively for the iPad

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Known for their ridiculously meticulous and comprehensive Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide that has come to be the bible for many sneakerheads, U-Dox is now out with Sneakers: The Complete App, exclusively for the Apple iPad. Covering over 500 different sneaker models, including both the heavy hitters like Nike, Jordan, and adidas, as well as some growing names, the App provides full 360-degree views for each sneaker, high-res images, timeline views, and filterable search features. Each model's detailed view also weaves in how that brand or silo has touched on sneaker culture and other in-depth content. Whether you own the printed edition or not, the opportunity to always have all this knowledge in the palm of your hand is well worth the $6.99 app price via iTunes.