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Tesla Model S 70D - Debuted

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Stick with me here: We all know that the Porsche 911 Turbo can put out 520 horses, but what if we told you that this new Tesla Model S 70D costs almost half as much and can put out just 6 fewer horsepower? Yes, you read that right. Replacing their previous base model, the rear-drive 60, Tesla just announced the 70D, which now also packs a standard front motor that increases power from the 60's 380hp to the 70D's 514hp and drops the 0-60mph time from 5.9 seconds to 5.2. Set for initial delivery this May, the car will come with a 70kWh battery pack that will give it a maximum range of 250 miles traveling at 65mph, Autopilot hardware, blind spot detection, and free functionality updates that guarantee to improve your driving experience with each release. Finally, it also includes a dual-motor system that allows each motor to work independently, meaning each can have different outputs depending on driving needs in all-wheel-drive fashion. The 70D will also come with three new metallic colors, Warm Silver, Obsidian Black, and a deep Ocean Blue and will be priced at $75,000 to start.