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Boostcase for iPhone 6 - Ultra-thin Case and Battery

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We all know that look. Someone arrives frantically at the airport or coffee shop, hunched over as they dodge and weave looking for an outlet with singular focus. Often, a small pack emerges around one single, dingy outlet like a modern age fire pit. Thankfully, a number of powerful options to extend the life of your phone battery have emerged, with one of the most innovative coming from Boostcase for iPhone 6. While other models aren't afraid about changing the look of your device, Boostcase is a clear, two-piece design that includes an ultra-thin snap case with a battery sleeve that can be added in a single click. In other words, you can boost your battery life by up to 100% when you need it, and quickly remove it when you don't. Other features include a patented locking system, a toggle-switch to control the battery, and a LED light bar displaying battery level. The Boostcase is available for pre-order now directly from their homepage with delivery expected next month.