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Matte White Lexus LF-SA Concept - Unveiled at Milan Design Week

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As part of a larger exhibit, we are getting our first look at the Matte White Lexus LF-SA Concept unveiled at Milan Design Week. While other companies do concept cars simply with new, bright paints or drop on a surfboard roof rack, Lexus thinks bigger, recognizing that they are not only designing the future, but also art. No snazzy roof racks here. Instead, Lexus reveals the first part of three in a larger exhibit called Journey of the Senses, which will be divided in three zones. The first will be dedicated solely to the concept, while the second focuses on this year's Lexus Design Award winners, and the third sees a combination design/food art piece. No matter how you experience it, it looks as though Lexus has a lot of delicious things to come.



via LexusEnthusiast