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Lexus "Dance of F" Video - Featuring the LFA and RC F Coupes

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The new Lexus "Dance of F" video shows a ballet that every gearhead can enjoy without dozing off, proving that cars can dance just as beautifully as classically trained ballerinas. Taking place at Fuji Speedway, the dance sees one LFA supercar and two Lexus RC F street cars, and a couple of Lexus RC F race cars each dressed in a clean white paint, dancing around the track in a level of coordination any dance mom would be proud of. Understandably, Lexus' $400,000 LFA with its 4.8-liter V10 552HP engine is the belle of the ball, but the RC F coupes do their part to spin halos to accentuate the dance with the help of their 5.0-liter V8s. Finished with complementary classical music, this is a creative way to keep the spotlight on Lexus' rising stars.