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Range Rover Pickup by STARTECH

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Fans attending next week's Auto Shanghai are in for a treat thanks to the team from STARTECH: they get to see first-hand a Range Rover transformed into a pick-up truck. Yes--you read that correctly; this is no late April Fool's joke. Beginning with a stock version of the luxury SUV, STARTECH proceeded to create over a 100 bespoke components made from aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber to tailor the traditional back-end into an abbreviated truck bed. The tailgate was also entirely redone, including manual or remote operation, adding up to 60cm on top of the 110 cm plastic bed liner. In addition to the new tail end, STARTECH also installed wider fenders, a custom roof spoiler, more LED lights, and additional carbon fiber accent throughout. A custom suspension that can lower ride height by 30mm and a new exhaust system that adds 16 horses to the V8 5.0-liter supercharged engine's 510HP finishes the Frankenstein project. STARTECH will offer the Range Rover Pickup with all RR engine types and can throw in a range of additional interior and exterior treatments that the brand already has to offer. Continue through the pages to see more HD shots of this incredible transformation of the Range Rover Pickup by STARTECH.