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Aivvy Q - Smart Headphones Plays Personalized Music For You

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No matter where you are or how you are feeling, Aivvy believes you shouldn't have to compromise on your music. Currently underway on KickStarter, the Aivvy Q combines high-end headphones, a streaming app, and personalized music all in one device, effectively connecting you with a cloud of streaming music without even being connected to the internet. Capable of playing music as soon as you put them on, the Aivvy Q uses the brand's Music Cortex technology to learn your musical preferences and then select and cache new songs for you from the Aivvy cloud when charging. Today, we spend too much time finding new songs, syncing our devices, finding WiFi, and paying for streaming data plans when we can instead use the Aivvy Q and its companion app to tap, swipe, and rotate music playback right on the device, tapping into Aivvy's library of millions of songs. In other words, the more your use it, the better it understands what you love. Learn more about how the Aivvy Q can become your personal DJ on the brand's own KickStarter page now.