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ANICORN Series 000 Watches

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If you're looking for a new way to tell time, the team at Anicorn have come up with an entirely unique way to rework the traditional display. In their Anicorn Series 000, the brand presents a timepiece that uses concentric discs and their own graphical model instead of the standard circular and hand structure to help you know the hour, minute, and second. To be honest, it's tough to wrap your mind around just how exactly the Series 000 accomplishes its mission, but in many ways that adds to the allure. If the Series 000 has started to draw you in, you have your choice of Blue, Yellow, and Red styles, each measuring 42mm and secured to your wrist with a genuine leather strap. Priced each at $325, you can head directly to the Anicorn homepage to learn more and to buy-in to an entirely new way to tell time.