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AMPL Smart Backpacks

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It may look complex, but it's actually a quite simple concept. With any of the three just-announced AMPL Smart Backpacks you can quickly recharge all of your gadgets on-the-go, keep them safe from everyday wear and tear, and monitor the status of everything going on inside with an intuitive app. Many of us go gig to gig and don't have the time to make sure an outlet fits into that gameplan. Now, with AMPL's intelligent power management system and integrated SmartBattery, you can charge phones, tablets, and anything else with the help of six USB outlets accessible from any pocket. With the "On-the-Go" and the "Fully Loaded" bags, you can even recharge laptops and other large gadgets with an optional expansion battery and AC Inverter module built into the bag. While all of this sounds heavy, the bags are designed to be lightweight (six pounds or less), are water-resistant, and shock-absorbing. You can even monitor battery-levels in real-time without opening the zipper with the AMPL app. The icing on the cake? It can even alert you if you forget your bag or leave something behind. All three models of AMPL Smart Backpacks are available for pre-order now.