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"Fury" Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Clockwork Motorcycles

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Clean, simple, and beautiful - three words that perfectly sum up this "Fury" Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Clockwork Motorcycles. No clutter, no mess, no flair, just beautifully exposed and finished steel and power. Produced by shop owner Samuel Guetrin and drawing on over a decade of experience, the bike is a self-described "a modern gentleman...with a perfect balance between brute and refinement." Throughout, Guetrin went for the vintage look, beginning with on a 1971 Honda CB750 enhanced with non-inverted GSX-R forks, 16" bulky Harley Davidson rims and Firestone deluxe champion tire. The stock oil tank received a touch of refinement and was joined with a custom side cover and a leather and suede seat. Finished with custom bent clip-on bars, machined top triple clamps, and a rebuilt and bored out 836cc engine, it's pretty safe to say that Clockwork Motorcycles has found a winner.

via ReturnoftheCafeRacers