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Tesla Model S Tuned by Larte

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It only took a few weeks following the official debut of the Telsa Model S for one of the top players in the custom performance game to get word out about their new aftermarket kit. While many believe that latest hybrid doesn't need a whole lot of improvement, there are those who do, which leads to this Tesla Model S Tuned by Larte. With offices in California and Germany, Larte serves up exterior and engine modifications including custom bumpers, grilles, and fender vents, which are made out of lava rock-derived basalt fiber that is both super light and strong (like bulletproof vest strong). In fact, Larte may have even done Tesla better than Tesla here; the Larte bumper is 30 pounds lighter than the original. Larte even adds an optional "electronic engine sound" to the Model S' near-silent motor, which is fitting for a car that can put out a surprising level of horsepower. Continue after the jump to see more look and reach out to Larte to learn more.