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Chevrolet FNR Autonomous Car Concept

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Looking far beyond just the next one or two model years, General Motors chose the Shanghai Motor Show to debut their take on the future of car-making with the Chevrolet FNR Autonomous Car Concept. Looking like something that would have graced the screens of I, Robot or Blade Runner, the FNR images what a fully autonomous, electric vehicle might look like, made with plenty of glass and curving lines that still looks very science-fiction at this point. Dragonfly doors open upwards to reveal equally cutting edge styling and even more futuristic tech, such as magnetic hubless electronic motors in each wheel that could charge wirelessly, Crystal laser lights for headlights, and a radar in the roof to facilitate autonomous driving. The future also looks to be a time of mostly mesh chairs, keyless operation in favor of iris scanning, and seats that swivel in an ambient blue light. Check out plenty of more images of the Chevrolet FNR Autonomous Car Concept after the jump to get more of a glimpse of what GM thinks might be just around the corner.