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Polaroid Zip - Inkless Mobile Printer

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What makes mobile phone cameras so great is exactly what makes them so frustrating; you can capture high-res photos with the slide of a finger, but, afterall, it's still a phone. Getting those pictures off your device involves setting up an app or doing batch downloads, but that still doesn't get them into your hands. The Polaroid Zip does all that and more, offering a printer the size of your phone that uses Bluetooth or NFC technology to print a picture in under a minute. Best of all, you don't need to deal with ink cartridges. Instead, the Polaroid Zip uses special ZINK paper, which although pricey ($20 per 50 sheets), is far better than dealing with miniature ink cartridges, let alone paying for them. You can either print individual 2" x 3" prints or use the associated app to create larger collages, each of which can turn into stickers by peeling off the back. The Polaroid Zip is available for pre-order now for $130, launching May 1.

photos via photojojo