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10 Essential Apple Watch Apps

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Finding apps to use on the new Apple Watch is a different proposition than locating apps for the iPhone or iPad. This has almost everything to do with the very nature of the Apple Watch. Functionally speaking, these new apps will simply act as an extension of the apps on the iPhone. You'll want to keep that in mind when deciding on the apps for your Watch: look for ones that leverage the convenience of a wearable, where quick and easy access is paramount. With that said, we present a list of ten essential apps to get download now for the Apple Watch.



Nike+ Running

With the Nike+ Running app, users will be able to access distance, duration and pace directly from their Apple Watch, while also enjoying music wirelessly through Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Additionally, runners can send cheers to fellow participants in the Nike+ community and check the Nike+ leaderboard to see where they stack up against other runners.


Dark Sky

The weather app uses your location to give you up-to-the-minute forecasts, tracking weather patterns to notify you that a storm is coming up to one hour in advance. Those inclement weather notifications come via the watch's Taptic Engine, which means you'll get them without having to actually open up the app. But if you do, you'll get more detailed info, including a five-day forecast.



Yep, it's Yelp on your wrist. Find restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other hot spots without having to pull out your Phone. Use the search feature to locate a specific business, complete with vital information like phone numbers, hours and map.



The app uses real-time data to provide arrival times and directions for transit routes near you. Directions are conveniently displayed on one screen, with public transport options -- including bus, subway, bike share, Uber, car2go and more -- confined to the ones you're interested in.


Health Tap

The app provides 24/7 access to a network of 68,000 U.S. doctors with a simple tap on your wrist. Health Tap will also provide reminders for virtual sessions with your doctor, as well as reminders to take your prescribed medications.



A natural fit for the Apple Watch, Shazam has the activation button front and center so you don't have to scramble to find your phone when you want to identify a mystery song. The screen will display lyrics as the song plays, and if you turn on Auto Shazam the app will continue to find songs throughout the day.


The Score

The sports app will display real-time scores, stats and breaking news notifications from your favorite leagues, teams and players right on your wrist. You can also preview articles, and use Handoff to continue reading the stories that pique your interest on your iPhone.


Day One

The journaling app is billed as the quickest way to capture your daily life, offering convenient features like location check-in, voice dictation and customizable quick-entry. Also, access recent entries and the last photo taken.



Calculator+ for Apple Watch is designed with simplicity and usability in mind, with large buttons and basic operations properly placed, enabling calculations with a minimum variety of taps. A set of defined themes to will allow you to match the color of the display to your Apple Watch band.



The popular productivity app allows users create actions and connect different apps to automatically perform a wide range of tasks. Calculate tips or translate text with a simple tap of the wrist.