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Custom Ducati SportClassic by Digital Directiv

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Meet "Bella," a ground-up, custom Ducati SportClassic by Digital Directiv. Based on a 2007 Sport 1000s, this version of the SportClassic predecessor boasts a range of performance modifications, upgrades, and modern improvements that prove that Digital Directiv wanted to spare no expense to demonstrate just what they could accomplish. Although parts are sourced from modern Ducatis, the bike has a classic and timeless feel with no billet parts or carbon fiber, which is just as a factory machine of its time would see. Led by Joe Tessitore, the project was supported by Portland's Masic Industries, III Eagle Designs, and New Church Moto, who pitched in, respectively, custom refinishing of every nut and bolt, hand-formed body frames and exhaust systems, and hand-stitched suede seats. Joe finished the wiring himself, complete with LED accents, hidden brake lights, a digital dashboard, and even the Bluetooth-enabled ignition. A perfect blend of old and new in custom bikes, check out more images of this custom Ducati SportClassic by Digital Directiv - available for sale - below.

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