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The Vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road

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The only thing as anticipated as the film itself as the vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road and we've got a great first look for you here. In what will certainly be a film packed with awesome footage for die-hard Mad Max fans is also sure to likely earn the attention of gear heads too thanks to its line-up of absolutely insane-looking vehicles. With names like Intercepter and Gigahorse, these are among the last things you want to see barreling down the highway at blazing speeds -- that is unless of course you live in this post-apocalyptic wasteland yourself. The film itself is expected to hit theaters on May 15 and was directed by George Miller, but you won't have to wait that long to get up-close looks at the rabid beasts that were created by the scraps that civilization left behind. Continue on the following pages to grab an up-close look.

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