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adidas x Spotify New Running App

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Because sometimes preparing for a run is harder than the training itself, adidas has partnered with Spotify on a new running app, adidas go. adidas go is the first running app that uses the iPhone's accelerometer to instantly match your favorite music to your workout by calculating the your stride rate to identify and play tracks with matching beats per minute. The app will have access to Spotify's extensive music library, bringing you a unique and intuitive way to improve your run with just the right kind of music to match your pace. As an added bonus, as you are exploring new music on the go and providing feedback, Spotify will track your interests to generate more refined playlists, artists, and genres without you having to do any work before you lace up your shoes. At the end of each workout, you'll have a summary, a chance to save your music, and share your results on social media. You can download the adidas x Spotify new running app now directly from the Apple App store.