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Quicksilver Suit Wetsuits

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Maybe coming to a beach near you, be prepared for this new line of Quicksilver Suit Wetsuits. Taking the idea of greening your commute and casual Friday and pushing it to the extreme, these three different business suit styles are Quicksilver variations on Japan's latest innovation, the "true wetsuit," by a company of the same name. Constructed with high-specification waterproof materials, these actual cut suits can literally be worn from beach to office with no need to change at all. Each suit set includes a jacket and pant pair - made from 2mm super stretchy neoprene - a water repellent shirt and a tie also made of wet suit fabric. Each piece also includes "dry flight" technology developed by Quicksilver to increase the dry time on the final stage of your commute. If you don't believe your eyes, you can also see the making of a wetsuit suit as well as it in action on the True Wetsuit YouTube page. Now if they can just figure out the dress shoe part.

via designboom