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1978 Honda CB750 by Clockwork Motorcycles

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In a time when bikes with wild out designs get more attention than those with classic appeal, there's something very refreshing about a clean build with a black on black look. This 1978 Honda CB750 by Clockwork Motorcycles is a beautiful case-in-point, built by the shop's Samuel Guertin for a client that first brought him the bike in more than questionable health. From not being able to run and missing more than a few key pieces, the Montreal-based shop proceeded to strip the bike and rebuild it from the ground up. A 836cc Wiseco big-bore kit, SuperFlow valves, Beehive racing springs, heavy duty studs and a performance camshaft now provide motivation while a polished black frame free of any extraneous trimmings gives the CB750 clean lines and a slim proportion. A custom black leather seat by New Church Moto matches the leather-wrapped grips, shift-lever, and kick starter, while the stock oil and fuel tanks are among the few items mostly left intact, save for a custom Clockwork tag. Finished with a keyless ignition, a set of mini gauges, and LED lights, the build was marked complete as the glossy, satin, and matte black paint dried. See more angles of this menacing and modern take on a classic bike after the jump.