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Mercedes-Benz C400 A - Tuned by Lorinser

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If the in-house configuration options just are doing it for you, then this new Mercedes-Benz C400 A tuned by Germany's Lorinser just might do the trick. Taking on both its powerplant and its aesthetics, Lorinser began with a new sporty look for the front fascia and rear bumper, also opting for a four-tailpipe sport exhaust system. With a blacked-out grille and five-spoke alloy wheels, it's hard to deny this MB looks anything but exceptional. Under the hood, Lorinser added 55 extra HP to the factory bred model's 333 HP plus another 73 lb-ft or torque on top of the stock 354 lb-ft. However, it's up to you to see just how much that would drop the 5.2 second 0-62mph time. See plenty more HD shots after the jump and reach out to Lorinser to learn more.