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Bluesmart Wireless Charging Carry-on Bag | Now Available

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After a long haitus since our first preview, the wait for the Bluesmart Carry-on bag is nearly over. Available now for pre-order ahead of their August shipment dates, you can now claim your piece of travel history with the world's first smart, connected carry-on luggage. It's simply amazing what this can do for you and your gear; it can wirelessly lock from anywhere, charge phone and laptop batteries, be tracked using 3G and GPS signals, send out proximity alerts, track total miles traveled, and even tell you how much it weighs. The fact that it can even send out an Uber request on its own if it is lost is well worth the $329 pre-order price. After first being featured on Indiegogo, the BlueSmart team has refined its design and look, packing all that functionality into a sleek design that allows for a seamless travel experience. Now if only the app can do something about flight timetables. See more after the click and learn more here.