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SipaBoards - Self-propelled, Smart Paddleboard

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Like all great inventions, SipaBoards started out of necessity and first featured a heavy dose of duct tape. After a day out on the water on stand up paddleboards (SUP) with his family, Sebastjan found his daughter too tired for the paddle home, which inspired him to create SipaBoards. Each Sipaboard is a self-inflating, smart paddleboard that can also be self-propelling with the push of a button. Using the built-in motor, you can both inflate your board in under five minutes and use the motor to power the SipaDrive jet engine up to 3.5 knots for 1 hour or 2 knots for 3 hours. The engine is nearly inaudible and is tucked in inside the dropstitched, dual-layed board. Topping it off, the rider controls the engine using the wireless remote built into the paddle, which also has a built in kill switch if it hits the water, and each board comes with its own sturdy carrying case. Already destroying their initial KickStarter goal, head to the group's page to learn when and how you can get in on this ride.