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The Light Phone - Your Slim Phone Away from Phone

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Sometimes you just need to get away, but the idea of being completely cut off from the world just isn't an option. That's where the Light Phone comes in; it's a slim, credit card-sized phone that works independently of your existing phone and designed to be a very light "phone away from phone" to be used a little as possible. While the Light Phone is simple, this isn't a burner. It has speaker phone, a dot matrix, back-lit LED screen, a 20 day battery, a SIM card slot with its own pre-paid GSM phone number independent of your carrier, a micro USB port, and an app to use with your existing phone for tracking, forwarding, and syncing. Weighing in under 40 grams and measuring 53.98mm wide, 85.6mm tall, and 4mm thick, this thing is seriously smaller than a credit card and can even be used as your kid's first phone for emergencies. There's still a lot of work to be done before the first Light Phones will make their way to you, but the team is already hitting it hard on Kickstarter. Learn more about the project and how you can become an earlier adopter here.