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The Lexus Billboard That Talks Back

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In this Lexus billboard campaign, the luxury carmaker isn't just hoping to make an impression on you, they're hoping you take things personally. Live now in Austrailia, the new Lexus billboard campaign sees what is probably the most sophisticated and interactive advertisements to-date highlighting "This is the New Lexus." The campaign, co-designed with M&C Saatchi in collaboration with APN Outdoor, sees the NX Crossover model starring on the engineered billboards that are capable of identifying the brand, model, and color of the passing vehicles and triggering a personal and playful message. The billboard has over 80 different configurations built in, each with their own dynamic message enabled by a series of high rotation cameras that pull upon a large database of cars. Even if you're not in the market for a Lexus, they got us talking about it. After all, you can't beat free press. See it in action after the click.