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YotaPhone 2 - World's First Dual-Screen Smartphone

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After seeing it in reality, the concept behind the new YotaPhone 2 makes complete sense: an always-on, dual screen smartphone. But the YotaPhone 2 is doing more than just doubling your screen space; instead it offers fully customizable space for hands-free messaging, notifications, or even e-reader style electronic paper display. While the idea of having an always-on screen seems counter-intuitive to our battery life paranoia, the Electronic Paper Display actually consumes less energy and is able to display books just as easily as Facebook, Twitter, RSS-feeds, e-mail, texts, and most Android apps even in the brightest sunlight. Both screens also offer multiple dashboard layouts and widgets so everything you need is always ready for a quick glance. The traditional color screen is 5", full HD 1920x1080p while the always-on screen is 4.7", but both share full touch capability with Corning Gorilla glass 3 covers. Right now the YotaPhone 2 is crushing it on Indiegogo looking for support ahead of its official launch, but there's still time for you to learn more and get behind this project.