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Ducati M900 by Hazan Motorworks

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This time last year, Bike EXIF came out with their Top 5 Custom Ducati Monsters, but this Ducati M900 by Hazan Motorworks might be enough reason to reshuffle the deck. Led by the shop's namesake and lead designer, Max Hazen, this custom project took the vision of a customer in England and created something truly deserving to be called art. Known for his ability to never stray from building machines with power, intricate detail, and strength, this project - as always - began with a full-scale 3D mock-up. Beginning with the engine, then welding up a frame, it wasn't until Max approached the beefy Ducati swingarm that his project really took on its own life. After removing about an inch of aluminum from the engine block and machining new pivot bushings, the Custom Ducati took on an aggressive, albeit lightweight appearance. A Ducati 916 front fork and the rear from a 1098 finished the structure of the build, while an antique diver's watch inspired the tachometer and instrument arrangement on the refined tank. While a small detail, the decision to tuck in the wires from the electronics into the top of the tank kept the overall look of the bike oh so clean. Weighing in at 360 pounds and putting out 90-95 horses, its air-cooled engine sounds as good as the bike looks.

via BikeExif