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BMW Motorrad Concept 101

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In what is certainly a first for the traditional high-performance group from BMW Motorrad, we're getting our first look at this long touring bike, the Concept 101. Named after the most famous highway in California that snakes its way down the coast, this BMW Motorrad Concept 101 was brought to life with the help of their Designworks team and famed bike designer Roland Sands. Inspired by the open road and the need to be prepared for a long day in the saddle, the BMW Motorrad Concept 101 features a 1,649 cc six-cylinder engine - also equivalent to 101 cubic inches for those keeping count at home - with plenty of lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, and precision milled wood for a premium feel. But, at its heart, the Concept 101 is a Bavarian take on the classic American "bagger" bike, a type of custom motorcycle especially popular in this part of the U.S., with a long, streamlined silhouette paired with two side cases integrated into the body. The design is finished with tailpipes on both sides, each with three outlets for each cylinder, and a fine-grain black and brown leather seat for the driver and passenger. Continue after the click to see plenty more angles and let us know if you think BMW hit the mark with their take on the American classic.