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Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Recreated in LEGO

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With the movie still sweaping the box office and fans still coming down from their high, one creative builder has found a way for you to bring a bit of the magic home with these Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles recreated in LEGO form. Using readily available pieces, creator Lego Will developed these vehicular Frankensteins straight from the film, including Max's own Intercepter, Furiosa's War Rig, Immortan Joe's Gigahorse, and the Doof Wagon, using only set photos and production assets. The War Rig alone, according to Lego Will, took nearly three months to build, with the hardest part determining how many spikes would be needed to recreate the look. As you'll see in the additional shots after the click and the full range on his Flickr account, Lego Will's love for the film runs deep beyond the usual star monstrosities, offering up almost every vehicle seen in the movie's wasteland with impeccable detail. All of this, of course, is even more incredible given the fact that Will hasn't had a chance to see the movie himself, as it doesn't release in Japan until this June.