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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge "Iron Man"

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Hardcore Marvel fans are in for a treat with Samsung's newly unveiled Galaxy S6 Edge "Iron Man" edition. This limited release, which coincides with Avengers: Age of Ultron, features the familiar red and gold motif found on the hero's suit. On the back, you'll find a simple illustration of Tony Stark's helmet. Also included in the package is a clear phone case, which is decorated with a gold trim to match. The best part is a wireless charging pad created to look like one of Iron Man's arc reactors. The theme continues even after you turn the phone on, with a specially made skin complete with wallpapers and a custom keypad. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge "Iron Man" will be available in Korea May 27 and in China and Hong Kong next month. Check out Samsung's Avengers page here and take a look at the official unboxing below.