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OUTLIER Free Way Short

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After we make our initial purchase, we often don't give a second thought to what's covering our six, but the new OUTLIER Free Way Short may have you rethinking your priorities. Constructed with the brand's original OG Cloth, these shorts are versatile, feel middleweight, and are comfortable enough to be worn year-round. While middleweight may not be what you want to hear when it comes to movement, these shorts have a lot to give with its integrated waistband construction designed to maximize movement, its extended gusset, widened leg opening, and four-way stretch double-weave fabric. You're also free to walk these shorts right into the water with flow-through pockets, an internal drawcord, and self-closing magnetic rear pockets with an integrated key loop to secure your goods. Long story, short, these OUTLIER Free Way shorts are durable and are built to move. See more after the click and head to OUTLIER's online shop to purchase for $175.