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Shinola Runwell Moon Phase Collection

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Detroit's own hometown watchmaker has entered a new phase - a moon phase. Building on the classic design, the Shinola Runwell Moon Phase Collection sees the addition of their new moon dial to track lunar phases, from waxing to waning. While the additional function may not mean much to us these days, there's still something mystical about watching the moon renew every 29.5 days in the aperture at the center of the dial. Powered by the brand's own Argonite 708.1 movement, each of the six members of the Shinola Runwell Moon Phase Collection feature a stainless steel case - either in 47mm or 43mm sizes - with plating options ranging from gold, rose gold, or none at all, with several watch face colorways. Each piece is also paired with double curve sapphire crystal, luminated hands, numerals, and hour markers and are secured to your wrist with a premium alligator leather strap. Available now, see more preview shots after the click and head to the Shinola site to learn more.